Senior: many meanings

Walked around the Senior Fair today at the St. Petersburg Coliseum.  Most of the people attending were SENIOR citizens, exhibiting their SENIOR status by cutting in line, or blindly grabbing whatever was free and readily available.  I went with two friends who are SENIOR type friends since we have known each other and hung out together for more than 21 years. They are older than me, too, so they are definitely my SENIORs. Afterwards, in the car, we talked about our days in high school, especially as SENIORS and especially since the behavior of these SENIOR citizens reminded us of children. Later, we had lunch with my husband and a coworker. We didn’t ask for the SENIOR citizen discount. Didn’t need it – Wednesday the wings are only 59 cents each at Mugs on Missouri. We headed for the Palm Harbor Library for our Tai Chi class – just for us SENIOR citizens who need help with our balance. The oldest participant is 91, and so I suppose he is our SENIOR SENIOR. Now I’m off to treat a friend to dinner for her birthday. She’s celebrating her 25th, and she has SENIOR status in my eyes when it comes to favorite non-biological kids. I think we’ll have some wine with dinner. That is, if I remember, and don’t have a SENIOR moment.


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