Print’s Charming

Yes, it is.  I enjoy taking a magazine to the doctor’s office and reading in the waiting room until my name is called. Having something to read relives the stress when I wait more than 15 minutes. I enjoy leaving this print edition behind, if I finish it, as I hope someone else will enjoy it. I once enjoyed reading NEWSWEEK magazines in print instead of on my husband’s iPad.  My subscription expires in 2015, and I refuse to get an iPad JUST to read the non-print editions of magazines to which I subscribe. I miss the feel of my NEWSWEEK, as I touched the pages, flipped through the magazine from back to front or vice versa, pausing on pictures or words that I wanted to peruse.  The last issue was dated 12/31/12.  How many other subscriptions will cease to exist? Will I be forced to buy a device on which to read them? Yes, it is convenient to bring just that device with me wherever I go, but I am not going to leave it behind for others to enjoy, nor will I tear pages from it to mail to friends who should read what I read. The print edition did not need recharging, or extra care while outside or on the road.  The print was charming. Print IS charming. Alas, I am in the minority. Otherwise, why is this so special?

Bookless Library in TX


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Retired Media Specialist & Vice President of SimsVideo - we do it all: writing, producing, directing, editing and marketing. No project is too big or too small.
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