What may be

“The world is only a mirror. You will only see in the world what you’re prepared to see in yourself—nothing more and nothing less.” Robert Holden

I received this quote in my morning’s email missives. It came from Oprah.com; it was her thought for the day.  As I prepare for today, I see wonderful things. I’ll be visiting with my friend from high school days. Once upon a time we were best enemies, vying for the leading roles in school plays and tempting the same men with our wiles for dates and more. Today we are best friends, and for more than twenty years she has been restoring my locks to their high school hue and vitality.  She restores my soul and spirit, as well. What will you do today? What will you see?


About coconnel

Retired Media Specialist & Vice President of SimsVideo - we do it all: writing, producing, directing, editing and marketing. No project is too big or too small.
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